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Stainless Steel Cuticle Trimmer

  • For trimmimg ragged cuticles and unsightly hangnails
  • Stainless Steel V shaped end
  • With nail file


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Our cuticle trimmer is a mani-pedi essential for at-home manicures.
It is especially designed for trimmimg ragged cuticles and unsightly hangnails effectively.

Use Tips

Soak fingertips in warm soapy water to soften cuticles. Push cuticle back with a Basicare cuticle stick.
Hold cuticle trimmer with stainless steel V end against edge of cuticle (prongs facing up) and glide gently around it.
Trim the dead cuticle and be careful not to damage the healthy cuticles area.

Tool Care

Clean blades after each use. Wipe clean with alcohol wipe and keep it in a dry place.