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Innovative Shower Cap

  • Fits all hair lenghts and thicknesses
  • Tucks away your hair swiftly and easily
  • Waterproof nylon


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This unique shower cap is specially designed to make your bathing experience exiting and comfortably by fitting all hair lenghts and thicknesses without requiring any previous hair preparation.
No matter how long or short is your hair, this innovative shower cap helps you tuck away your hair swiftly and easily.
Its waterproof nylon outer shell protects the hair and keeps it dry and secure from any unwanted moisture.

Use Tips

Fully open the shower cap and place it around your neck.
Pull up the cap gently until it wraps your hair completely.
Pull the strap and fasten the cap until its fully closed.

Tool Care

After each use unfold the shower cap and hang to airdry or handwash with warm soapy water.
Machine washing or drying is not recommended.