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Deluxe Shower Cap

  • Waterproof outer shell
  • Snug, yet comfortable elastic band
  • Universal fit


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This deluxe shower cap is specially designed with a waterproof outer shell to protect the hair from unwanted moisture.
Sealed along the edges with a snug, yet comfortable elastic band to keep the shower cap in place while covering over the entire hairline.
Its universal fit ensures comfort and gives enough room so that hair is not compressed to preserve hairstyles in their original form.

Use Tips

Before a shower or bath, first prepare your hair. For longer styles, pin up with a clip to ensure that none of the hair falls out of the cap.
Then put the palm of your hand on your neck, then flip your head upside down and use your hand to push the hair upside down too.
Put the edge of the shower cap on the nape of your neck. Stretch the other side of the shower cap over to the top of your forehead where the front of your hair ends.

Tool Care

Rinse thoroughly after each use. Hang to dry in an airy place.
Machine wash in gentle cycle in cold water.  Only hang to air dry. Do not machine dry.